Rotator cuff tears Repair


جراحة الكتف

Supra spinatus tendon is the one responsible for arm elevation. It is a part of what’s called the cuff tendons around the shoulder. Sometimes it is injured alone or might this be accompanied with other cuff tendons (Sunscapularis – Infra spinouts-Long head of biceps). This could be partial or complete


A complete tendon rupture doesn’t heal and it causes dysfunction of the affected shoulder and this necessities repair. Sometimes it is needed in partial injuries as well.



Clean the edges of the tear and fix it to the bone with anchors. widening of the subacromial space may be needed as well (SAD; please read previously)


Expected time of surgery:

2-3 hour


Implants used:

3-6 anchors


Types of anesthesia:

General/Regional Interscalene block


Hospital stay:

Discharge on the same day of surgery or overnight stay


Post operative plan:

The patient is advised to use a broad arm sling with chest immobilizer in the first 4-6 weeks.  Only pendulous exercises may be allowed out of the sling after the first 2 weeks.

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